Providing the science to support management decisions

The Cooperative Science & Monitoring Initiative

A bi-national effort of Canadian and U.S. agencies and research institutions

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What is CSMI?

The Cooperative Science and Monitoring Initiative (CSMI) is a bi-national effort by the United States and Canada, pursuant to the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, to coordinate Great Lakes research and monitoring activities that provide resource managers with the science necessary to support management decisions.
Great Lakes Sea Grant Network
GLRI Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

The CSMI team cooperates with the GLWQA Lake Partnerships, groups of agencies and organizations that facilitate information sharing, set priorities, and assist in coordinating binational environmental protection and restoration activities that advance the development and implementation of Lakewide Action and Management Plans. The Partnerships identify the CSMI priorities for each lake to generate needed science and monitoring information to help assess the health of the lake ecosystem and to guide management actions.